Alumni Firms

Alumni of our organization go on to join some of the top companies in various fields upon graduation. 180 Degrees Consulting - NYU provides members the professional experiences and skills needed to succeed in the workplace.


Case Competitions

Our members' consistently strong performance in case competitions is a testament to the research, analysis, and presentation skills gained through work in our organization.

Deloitte Consulting Case Competition

2014 - 1st Place, 2nd Place

2015 - 1st Place, 2nd Place, Finalist

Deloitte Advisory Case Competition

2015 - 1st Place

PwC Industry Analysis Case Competition

2014 - 1st Place

2015 - 3rd Place

PwC Fiercest Competitor

2015 - 1st Place

PwC Accounting Challenge Case Competition

2016 - 1st Place


Wharton Undergraduate Case Competition

2015 - 2nd Place, Finalist

2017 - 1st Place

J.P. Morgan Investment Banking Case Competition

2014 - 1st Place

2016 - 1st Place, 2nd Place


Silver Lake Private Equity Challenge

2014 - National Finalist

Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Case Competition

2016 - 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place


KPMG International Case Competition

2016 - 1st Place (National Finalist)

Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Cocoa Investment Challenge

2015 - 1st Place 


L'Oreal Brandstorm International Business Competition

2016 - 1st Place (National Finalist)